Command of Local

We manage your projects and disputes in all the major centers of Turkey and especially in Istanbul.
We have full command of legal regulations and practices. In addition to the official appeals, we also use all alternative dispute solution methods.
Our local experience and references present us preferable.



We operate in all countries where our country is in a commercial connection, especially in neighboring countries, Europe and North America.
We have experience and a competent team in areas such as the acquisition of regional rights of brands, e-commerce, digital marketing, valuation and sales of know-how, the credibility of investments, mergers and acquisitions.

İnvestor Friendly

Among the countries with high trade volume, We ensure the security of foreign investors' investments by examining customs legislation, organization agreements and exemptions.
We are actively involved in evaluating and implementing of citizenship, residency, tax exemption processes required for investments.


YMost of our local clients are directly involved in the production of high value-added products. In addition to traditional methods, we are focused on e-commerce and digital marketing areas which show a great increase percentage each year.
We offer services to companies in the fields of e-commerce, digital marketing, use of personal data and confidentiality of commercial information.
Brief History

We have been representing commercial enterprises of large and medium scale since 2011.

As of 2024, commercial enterprises represent 76%, while foreign investors represent 14%.

We provide services in many business and trade sectors, including cooling, heating, sports, architecture, internet, technology, information technology, energy, health, construction, and real estate.

We provide legal services in French, German, Russian and Arabic languages particularly in Turkish and English.



Çakıroğlu Law Firm was founded by Attorney Ömer Emrah Çakıroğlu in 2011 in Istanbul.



The project for acquiring the Turkish and regional rights of the world's largest American sports and health company, along with e-commerce adaptation and academy establishment, has been completed after 13 months of work.



The rate of commercial enterprises producing high-value-added products among our clients has reached 76%, while the rate of foreign investors has reached 14%.



The 11 month project for the sale of the rights to use the engineering expertise owned by a Turkish company producing high-value-added products in the cooling and heating sector in the Russian Federation has been completed.

Our Vision
Command of Local, Global Vision, İnvestor Friendly, Dijital

We owe to the land we live in, and we take on the responsibility to contribute to the journey of the society as a part of it.

In the projects we are in, making a direct contribution to production, producing high value-added products, information and technology is our greatest motivation, and we consider it a duty to contribute to our country.

Our Services

Commercial Law

Real persons and legal entities are engaged in various commercial activities. As a result, trade relations have been arranged between the individuals and legal entities under the Turkish Commercial Code and other related codes.
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Labor and Social Security Law

Labor and Social Security Law inquires and concludes payrolls, working conditions, employer-employee relations and issues in this area.
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions is a form of restructuring that companies frequently resort to and need. All kinds of domestic and foreign companies need legal support in order to maintain their presence in the sector safely.
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Internet Law

Internet Law is one of the most prominent branch of Informatıon and Technology Law. Internet Law regulates occurance of the wrongful acts on the internet environment and wrongful acts stipulated in the Criminal Code.
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Real Estate Law

Construction and real estate are amongst the rapidly growing sectors both in Turkey and abroad. Our law firm provides legal service regarding real estate sector in terms of contractual and legal litigation on the basis of Real Estate Law, for owners, investors, foreign investors or partners.
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Family Law

Family Law is a branch of law that regulates the mutual rights and duties of family members. As Çakıroğlu Law Office, our lawyers provide consultancy services to our clients in matters related to the Law of Persons, Family Law, and Law of Inheritance, and follow up their disputes. We address the issues of Civil Law in an integrated approach. Although family matters are covered by Family Law, Family Law is also linked to the Law of Persons and Law of Inheritance.
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